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EASA and FAA certified Pilatus PC-12 SET class rating pilot training.

Offered by Oriens Aviation in partnership with Oysterair, a specialist Approved Training Organisation in high performance aeroplanes.


Pilatus flight training for the PC12 is completed at the historic Biggin Hill airfield (ICAO: EGKB) using the fantastic facilities at Oriens Aviation. The main training suite has views over the main runway at Biggin Hill and the City of London.

Biggin Hill is perfectly situated to allow easy access to uncontrolled airspace where visual manoeuvres can be practised, yet flexible enough that instrument procedures can be completed upon recovery.

There are numerous local aerodromes that can be visited during training to showcase the operational diversity of the PC12.

The course

All courses are delivered on a one-to-one basis, meaning focused training combined with maximum time efficiency. Rather than apply a ‘one course fits all approach’, courses are created based around the licence and experience of the pilot under the guidance of the Chief Flying Instructor. Training approvals are held under both the EASA and FAA regulatory system whilst training under other ICAO licensing authorities can also be easily accommodated.

The standard PC12 flight training course begins with an online computer based training module, which is then followed up with a more traditional instructor led wash up period. 2 online progress checks ensure sufficient systems and procedural knowledge has been gained to allow progression to the flight training phase.

Flight training integrates visual manoeuvres and instrument procedural training to provide the trainee with the skills to operate the Pilatus PC12 through a wide range of operations.

Where needed operational line training with our experienced Line Training Captains can also be delivered to meet insurance/regulatory requirements.

Facilities & Training Aids

The Biggin Hill training suite uses a combination of traditional teaching aids integrated with the use of modern multi-media platforms. Core systems knowledge is delivered using online computer based training and online learning management software integrated with one-to-one instructor led wash up sessions.

Avionic training uses online training simulation software integrated with actual aircraft visits. This approach allows the basic avionic functions to be mastered before flying the aircraft for real.

Aircraft visits and deeper technical explanations are provided by visits to the in-house maintenance facility allowing trainees to speak directly with experienced Pilatus engineers.


Our instructional team has a combined total flying experience of over 50,000 flying hours. Each instructor actively flies a Pilatus aircraft and is highly experienced on type. The majority of our instructional team are also flight examiners, and all have either airline or corporate flight experience backgrounds.

Training Difference

All of our training is bespoke, meaning we shape our courses on a one-to-one basis, centred on the flying experience and needs of the trainee. The trainee is allocated an instructor for the complete course, on a full time basis, allowing lots of time for focused ground and airborne training sessions.

Due to our staff having an in depth knowledge of the licensing system we can always create a training solution that meets your needs.

EASA Course Approvals

  • EASA PC12 Class Rating including PC12 Differences Training
  • EASA HPA Theoretical Knowledge Course
  • EASA SEP Class Rating
  • EASA Night Rating
  • EASA TBM SET Class Rating
  • EASA PA46 SET Class Rating
  • EASA Cessna SET Class Rating
  • EASA PA42T Type Rating

FAA Training

  • FAA PC12 Flight Training
  • High Altitude, High Performance and Complex Endorsements
  • FAA IR
  • FAA PPL and CPL
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Training location

Conveniently located at London Biggin Hill Airport.

Oriens Aviation
170 Churchill Way,
London Biggin Hill Airport
TN16 3BN