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Pilatus aircraft sales and maintenance UK

Crafted in Switzerland by Pilatus, with all the quality of service you can expect from Oriens Aviation.

Whether you are looking for a new Pilatus PC-12 NGX or the PC-24 Super Versatile Jet, a used Pilatus aircraft or maintenance for the one you already own, Oriens Aviation can meet your every need. As the main Pilatus Authorised Service Centre for the British Isles, we are on hand to offer the full spectrum of maintenance and warranty work. If you are looking for your new dream aircraft, let Oriens Aviation help you make it a fun and engaging experience.

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The British Isles has the highest number of airfields per square mile of anywhere in Europe, many of which are unpaved short runways.

The PC-12 and the PC-24 Super Versatile Jet make it possible to turn this opportunity into tangible and practical versatility, in all the comfort, style, safety and dependability that their Swiss manufacturer can assure.

If the Sport Utility Vehicle gave the people of the British Isles motoring versatility, Oriens Aviation and Pilatus does the equivalent for the skies.

The PC-12 will do it all and do it well

Flying Magazine - August 2017

Why Pilatus?

Swiss timepieces are renowned for their inherent quality, exquisite detail, and careful craftsmanship.

Their makers invest immense thought and countless hours thoroughly analysing every aspect of the instrument as they pursue ever higher levels of perfection.

Pilatus bring the same attitude to the aircraft they build. It is Pilatus’ unwavering commitment to precision, to challenge perceived limitations, and to defy convention. This approach has been applied to building extraordinary aircraft for discerning customers for seventy-five years.


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