Twin Engine

Take flight, the Italian way

Twin Engine Aircraft

If you are looking for a passenger carrier or a multi-engine trainer with a modern glass cockpit at fraction of the cost of its competitors and a capable aeroplane with five interchangeable configurations, Tecnam has an answer to all your requirements!

P2006 T

The Tecnam P2006 T is a twin-engine four-seat aircraft with fully retractable landing gear. An aircraft in a class of its own!


2x100 HP

Max Cruise

145 KTS (296 km/h)

Max Range

650 NM (1,204 km)

P2012 STOL

The World's most advanced twin-turbocharged piston aircraft, with incredible short-landing capability


375 HP

Max Cruise

185 KT

Max Range

905 NM


The World's most advanced twin-turbocharged piston aircraft


750 HP

Max Cruise

194 KT

Max Range

950 NM

Soar Higher

Tecnam equals innovation.

With Tecnam you are not only buying a new and modern piece of art, you are also buying the safety you deserve, thanks to the LATEST certification regulations implemented by the Authority, which Tecnam is fully compliant with. Don’t stay old, be part of the evolution!

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