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Quality and innovation since 1948

Tecnam: The Joy of Flying

Founded by Italian brothers Luigi Pascale and Giovanni Pascale, Tecnam was born out of a passion for flying machines, great enthusiasm, aeronautical temerity and a dream to soar higher. From humble beginnings in a small garage, Tecnam has grown to be an industry leader renowned for innovation.

With over 7,500 Tecnam aeroplanes operating around the world today, Tecnam customers and operators are supported by a global network of over 65 dealers and more than 125 Tecnam Service Centres.

Soar Higher

Tecnam equals innovation.

With Tecnam you are not only buying a new and modern piece of art, you are also buying the safety you deserve, thanks to the LATEST certification regulations implemented by the Authority, which Tecnam is fully compliant with. Don’t stay old, be part of the evolution!

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Whether it is for training, leisure or business, when it is about cost-effective safety, performance and mission efficiency, nothing compares to TECNAM.