The 100th PC-24 takes off!

5th January 2021

Congratulations to the Pilatus team!

Less than three years after the first delivery, the 100TH PC-24 has just been handed over to its new owner. The PC-24 is now present on every continent, flying innumerable missions every day: providing medevac flights in Australia and the USA, for example, business travel for a German automobile manufacturer, and transport for government officials in South Africa and Switzerland.

The 100TH Super Versatile Jet “made by Pilatus in Switzerland” is now in use as a business aircraft with its new owner, Jetfly Aviation. This handover marks another milestone in the still young history of the first Swiss business jet: the global fleet has clocked up over 33,500 safe hours in the air so far, of which over 2,375 hours have been accumulated by the fleet leader.

Read the full press release here

The 100th PC-24 takes off!


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