Oriens Aviation MRO continues to excel.

23rd May 2019

Oriens MRO supporting aircraft operating privately and under AOC.

Oriens Maintenance Services Limited (OMSL), the UK’s dedicated Pilatus Service Centre, launched just over a year ago, has seen a busy first quarter with its PC-12 maintenance activity, supporting aircraft operating privately and under AOC.

It recently completed a PC-12 maintenance inspection project for an international customer with high expectations of on time delivery and communication. Led by one of the division’s youngest and very capable engineers, Oriens delivered on time, to full satisfaction.

At the same time it carried out its first ever 10-year maintenance inspection for a UK PC 12 owner. This required the wings to be fully removed from the fuselage to inspect for wear. Following the rebuild and reassembly all systems testing proved successful. Led by one of the UK’s most experienced Pilatus engineers and supported by a highly skilled and capable team, OMSL successfully completed the project and returned a fully serviceable aircraft back to a very satisfied customer.

Stuart Locke, General Manager, OSML said: “We have invested in tooling, equipment and the people, to ensure that customers have full confidence in our ability to care for their asset and look forward to further enhancing our skills and capabilities in this area.”

OMSL has also carried out a number of call outs for its new swift responsive AOG van support travelling to a number of airports to assist customers. The fully equipped vehicle is a mobile support centre and workshop, capable of supporting customers wherever required.

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Oriens Aviation MRO continues to excel.


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