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Pre-Owned Pilatus Aircraft

As the Pilatus Distributors for the British Isles, our team work closely with the Pilatus distributors worldwide, giving us access to used PC-12 & PC-24 Pilatus Aircraft that become available both on and off-market.

Whether you are searching for a used PC-12 or PC-24, instruct the Oriens team to work with you and find the best aircraft to suit your requirements. Most importantly, enjoy the process along the way with total peace-of-mind that you are working with the go-to Pilatus Aircraft experts in the British Isles.

Oriens Aviation have a proven track record of sourcing and successfully buying/selling used Pilatus Aircraft for a range of budgets and requirements.

Contact the Oriens Aviation team today to discuss your approved-used Pilatus interest and how we can work with you to source your dream aircraft!

Contact us to discuss your interest in the PC-24 Super Versatile Jet or the PC-12 NGX.

Tel: +44 (0) 07931 653056

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"Our team go the extra mile to show you the aircraft whenever and wherever you want it"

Edwin Brenninkmeyer, CEO

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To make your enquiry and fly a new or used Pilatus aircraft, please contact our sales team.

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Our aircraft are based from our sales and maintenance facilities at London Biggin Hill Airport, but often we are able to fly to see you (subject to resource and circumstances).

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There are more benefits of owning your own PC-12 NG than you might think. You may even surprise your CFO - because you won't find a business aircraft that offers as much value.

Unmatched Operating Costs

Swiss quality and dispatch reliability, all at unmatched operating costs for an aircraft of its size.

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Highest Residual Value

Its quality is manifest in the highest residual values commanded by any comparable aircraft in the industry.

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