PC-12 NG

The world's greatest single

PC-12 NG at a Glance

Discover the versatility of the PC-12 NG

Take-off distance

792 m

Max cruise speed

285 KTAS

Max range

1,845 NM

Certified Operation

Single Pilot

Max Passengers

10 + 1 Pilot

Max Payload (full fuel)

1,009 lbs

Max Altitude

30,000 ft

Stall Speed


Max Take-Off Thrust

1,200 shp

Residual value

Industry leader

What can you expect from the PC-12 NG?

​The Pilatus PC-12 continues to offer outstanding value whilst ticking so many boxes for its owners – "no wonder it is the top selling turbo prop in its class worldwide", says Edwin Brenninkmeyer CEO of Oriens Aviation.

Over 1,500 aircraft have been sold worldwide and the PC-12 is not only used for executive transport, but also for cargo, air ambulance, regional airline, government surveillance and special mission roles.

Its reputation for exceptional durability explains why most PC-12 owners upgrade to another PC-12 as their next aircraft! To fully appreciate how the PC-12 will boost your travel plans, please contact us to arrange a demonstration flight to somewhere you need to travel conveniently in style, speed and safety.

Unmatched Operating Costs

A very rare combination of exceptional Swiss quality, yet with some of the lowest operating costs in the business.

Low operating costs means more economical, which means more environmentally friendly. With CO2 emissions as low as 125 g/km/pax, assuming eight passengers on board, there is no other pressurised business aircraft that comes close.

Highest Residual Value

Its quality is manifest in the highest residual values commanded by any aircraft in the industry.

A 10 year old aircraft retains close to 80% of its value when new and no other business aviation aircraft of any size or class comes close.

It has always been a dream to have one aircraft that can do it all. The PC-12 NG comes closest to this ideal.

Tough, Reliable and Versatile

Reliability means low maintenance costs and Pilatus has been voted #1 for service by Professional Pilot Magazine for 15 years consecutively.

The Pilatus PC-12 powered by the legendary Pratt & Whitney Canada legendary PT6, has developed a well-founded reputation since certification in 1994, for exceptional durability. Its first customer was the Australian Royal Flying Doctor Service, which gave the aircraft its fame for versatility and its capability to operate off unimproved strips with a pallet-sized cargo door (still the largest in the market for an aircraft of comparable size).

"Pilatus has further sharpened the Swiss army knife of aircraft"

Flight International - June 2016

Luxury inside

In partnership with BMW Designworks, the Pilatus interior is of the finest quality, yet can be specifically tailored to suit your individual needs.

The most popular configuration gives customers six exceptionally spacious passenger seats, with the option of adding a seventh and eighth seat quickly and easily. All executive interiors are elegant and durable, and come with a fully enclosed private lavatory and ample storage for refreshments. The interiors also have a completely flat floor for added comfort and the entertainment system is equipped with WiFi for any passenger device.

The baggage area is accessible in flight and fully pressurised. If more cargo area is required, any number of seats can simply be removed and a cargo nets installed to separate passengers and to secure the cargo.

More space
Choice of interiors
Superb comfort
SmartView™ Synthetic Vision

Advanced Flight Deck

Honeywell has scaled down its large aircraft systems for the single-pilot approved, PC-12.

For passengers, this gives an incredibly smooth ride in all autopilot modes. For pilots, this means a powerful, intuitive system that is simple to manage. Four screens mean that all information is always directly to the pilot without having to scroll through numerous pages, to find the required data. Synthetic vision gives crews incredible situational awareness at all times.

Fly the PC-12 NG
Synthetic vision now standard
Four screens give more redundancy
Ease of single-crew operations

PC-12 NG Specifications




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