Get more out of life

More places within reach. More time to enjoy them.

Outstanding performance, reliability, style and operational flexibility.

The Pilatus PC-12 NG is constantly referred to as the ‘world’s greatest single-engined' turbine powered business aircraft. The PC-12 NG offers owners more versatility, generous space and of course more time to you.

More Time

Fly directly to more places in the comfort of the PC-12 NG.

With the PC-12 NG, no paved runway is required, which means you can waste less time traveling and get exactly to the places you want to be.

We know that your most precious asset is time. The PC-12 NG allows you to reclaim time, traveling quickly in executive comfort to a huge range of European airports, and is so agile that it can land on both paved and unpaved landing strips.

Owners can fly directly to runway restricted airports like Goodwood and Courchevel.

Discover the PC-12 NG
Whisk the family away
Touch down where you need to be
Work in your spacious cabin
Get friends together
Arrive refreshed to do business

More work

Gain greater efficiency, arriving relaxed and on time.

The PC-12 NG offers business owners the luxury of traveling in style and comfort, getting from door-to-door quickly, making the most of every opportunity.

The PC-12 NG offers a spacious cabin and several setups to transport you and your guests in VIP or commuter configuration (4, 6 or 8 seats), equipped with charging points, separate lavatory and practical cargo door.

Discover the PC-12 NG
Relax onboard
Enjoy a stress-free, stylish flight
Take off from more destinations

More Play

Whether it’s a round of golf with friends, a skiing weekend with the family, or a week in the sun, the PC-12 takes you directly there so not a single moment of your time is wasted.

Discover new places and find out where can life take you.

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