What's Included

Part-CAMO compliance
Continuing Airworthiness Management
Provision of Aircraft Maintenance Programme
Scheduling of Maintenance
Oversight of Maintenance
Maintenance of aircraft records
Assessment of Regulatory requirements
Assessment of OEM requirements
Managing incorporation of applicable ADs/SBs
Issue and extension of Airworthiness Review Certificate
Flight Operations & Scheduling
Flight Planning and Flight Plan Management
Production of Navigation Log and Flight Brief
Booking handling, slots, third party services
Obtaining overflight/landing permits where applicable
Provision of Flight Crew
Part-CAT or Part-NCO compliance as appropriate
Full Operational Management
Safety Management
Compliance Oversight
Management System
Regulatory Control & Compliance
Supply Chain Management
Flight Crew Training
Management of aircraft manuals and subscriptions
Arrangement of insurance
Charter Revenue if on AOC
Financial & Operational Reconciliation


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Enhanced CAMO Support

When it comes to the continued airworthiness and the maintenance management of your aircraft, standard care is simply not good enough. Our service goes far beyond the scheduling of maintenance to include the compilation of a dedicated maintenance programme.

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Enhanced CAMO and Operations Support

EOS360 Premier enables you to enjoy the benefits of aircraft ownership supported by our flight operations department combined with the enhanced Continuing Aircraft Airworthiness Management (CAMO) expertise of our EOS360 Pro service.

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Comprehensive 360 Support

Platinum membership is the comprehensive service, based on unique levels of Pilatus technical and operational expertise, unrivalled in the UK. We transform the complex myriad of aircraft ownership into one simple solution offering true peace of mind.

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